St. Elizabeths

  • 3 things you missed in the president’s 2018 budget request

    Among the major items in the President’s 2018 budget request are a few other provisions that have the potential to impact federal employees and their agencies.

  • Most civilian agencies saved from deep spending cuts in FY17 budget bill

    The spending package gives the Homeland Security Department about $1.5 billion for border security activities for the remaining five months of the fiscal year. For civilian agencies, here are six other areas to take note of in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2017.

  • 3 things you may have missed in the 2016 budget

    At 887 pages, the 2016 Consolidated Appropriations Act includes several hidden pieces of legislation on funding and stipulations for the IRS, and additional information on cybersecurity threat sharing.

  • GSA urges DHS headquarters funding from Congress in 2016 budget

    With less than a month left for Congress to pass a budget for fiscal 2016, the General Services Administration is making its case to secure funding for the Department of Homeland Security’s long-awaited new headquarters.

  • TSA to consolidate, move headquarters

    GSA signed a 15-year lease for a 625,000 square foot building on Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia.

  • DHS funding takes $2.1B hit in House proposal

    The House Appropriations Committee approved the Homeland Security appropriations bill, which is $2.1 billion or 5 percent less than what President Barack Obama asked for in his Fiscal Year 2016 budget request.

  • Acting administrator says GSA ‘stronger than ever before’

    Acting Administrator Denise Turner Roth wants to build on the past successes of the General Services Administration. This includes a new Total Workforce Initiative to grow talent development at the GS-7 through GS-11 levels.

  • GSA awards DHS headquarters contract to Grunley, Shalom Baranes

    Phase two of the Department of Homeland Security’s $4.5 billion renovation project at St. Elizabeths is moving forward. The General Services Administration on Tuesday awarded two construction companies with a contract that will help consolidate the agency’s office space.

  • GSA to swap Fed Triangle properties for developers’ services

    GSA issued a RFQ that asks developers to restart the renovation of its stalled headquarters program and further DHS headquarters construction. The contractors wouldn’t receive payment, but instead two buildings in Southwest Washington, D.C.

  • DHS Secretary Johnson offers few insights into management priorities

    In his first appearance before House overseers, Jeh Johnson, the DHS secretary, said employee morale is among his top priorities, but didn’t say how he would address it. Johnson said he’s working to fill top leadership positions on a permanent basis. DHS has a vacancy rate at top positions of 38 percent.