Student Loan Repayment Program

  • VA to more strategically target recruitment, retention incentives to address 49,000 vacancies

    The Department of Veterans Affairs acknowledged it could more strategically target successful recruitment and retention incentives to occupations and medical facilities with the greatest workforce needs. But it also pushed Congress to grant the agency more flexibility in setting market pay for VA medical center directors.

  • Student loan forgiveness for feds, and other bills worth watching this summer

    As the Senate has a few extra weeks to work, here are several bills worth keeping an eye on this summer.

  • SES hiring freeze, other workforce items you may have missed this month

    With the election, the transition and the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s been a busy month for feds. Here are three things you may have missed this month that could have an impact on you or your colleagues in the federal workforce.

  • 6 reasons why millennials leave federal service

    Though a majority of federal employees under the age of 35 indicated their interest in staying within the federal government, many millennials said their decision depends on several different factors. Of the 39 percent of millennials who said they planned to leave government, the majority said they anticipated leaving within one-to-three years.

  • Millennials want to stay, if government grasps the new reality

    Burdened by student debt, the youngest federal employees are entering the workforce later than their predecessors. As part of a Federal News Radio special report, What Millennials Really Want from Federal Service, most young employees said they’d prefer to stay in government, as long as they have opportunities to develop their skills, careers and benefits.

  • Feds realize value in loan repayments, but agencies worry it’s not enough

    More agencies utilized the federal student loan repayment program in fiscal 2014 to recruit and retain mission-critical employees than the year before. Funding for the program reached $58.7 million in 2014, compared with $52.9 million the previous year.

  • $60,000 Tuition Payback!

    Bad economic times and a very generous tuition assistance program have teamed up to make Uncle Sam an employer of first choice for many of the best-and-brightest job seekers, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says.