• Symantec CEO tapped for advisory board

    Cyber defense giant Symantec has been asked to join a White House advisory council.

  • Report: Stuxnet worm launched in three waves

    A report by Symantec founds that five initial points were the cause of thousands of attacks.

  • Report: Most are cyber risk-takers reports on a Symantec study that found most people make risky moves online.

  • Breakthrough in Stuxnet worm dilemma

    Symantec reports that Dutch experts have made key discoveries about the Internet virus.

  • Symantec investor pushing for split

    An activist investor is reportedly pushing for Symantec to split into a security business AND a data storage business.

  • Symantec survey measures cybersecurity progress

    Symantec just completed a 2010 Critical Infrastructure Protection Study. Symantec CIO Mark Bregman is Tom Temin’s guest on Federal Security Spotlight.

  • Feds, industry cooperate on cybersecurity

    Mark Bregman, chief technology officer, Symantec joins host Tom Temin to discuss the results of a new survey examining how companies interact with the federal government when it comes to cybersecurity. October 7, 2010

  • Federal experts on the trail of the Stuxnet virus

    DHS’s Sean McGurk and other cybersecurity experts are trying to protect agency networks against one of the most dangerous viruses ever developed. Stuxnet exploits a vulnerability in Siemens industrial equipment control software and hardware and may be the product of a nation bent on sabotage.

  • Cyber anti-virus choices grow

    With cyberattacks saturating the Internet, a dramatic shift is underway in the $7 billion-a-year anti-virus industry – and it’s all good news for consumers.

  • Who do you blame after a cyber attack?

    Learn more in today’s cybersecurity update