• Death & Taxes: How to avoid one of them!

    When many federal workers consider retirement they also look for a place with no sales or state taxes.

  • Will the IRS survive 2018? Should it?

    If you run a very large business, you pay special attention to the division that brings in most of the money, right? So, why is the IRS in so much trouble?

  • Are you now, or have you ever been …

    One of the toughest occupations, from biblical times to present, is being a tax collector, and the new tax rules are going to make things busy and tough for folks at the IRS.

  • David Hawkings: Death and taxes front-of-mind for Congress?

    The great tax debate is alive and well on Capitol Hill this week. While no bill is dealing with death directly, there’s a new one on health care insurance.

  • Brenton Smith: Return Social Security to its roots to fix it

    The Congressional Budget Office recently published its annual predictions for Social Security. No surprise, it found the cherished program will go broke in a few years, unless Congress changes the rules or raises taxes. Brenton Smith, founder of an organization called Fix Social Security Now, isn’t so sure. He’s been studying the program for years and joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with some ideas.

  • Deja vu: IRS outsources collection

    When the IRS’s major union and its taxpayer advocate agree something is a bad idea, maybe it’s time to take another look.

  • Tougher security, more taxpayer transparency a ‘delicate balance’ at IRS

    IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said his agency is working to both strengthen the security around taxpayer information, while also allowing taxpayers access to their own data. And doing it on a smaller budget and with fewer IT experts.

  • Final jeopardy: The category is taxes

    Which states don’t tax civil service retirement benefits or have any personal tax? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says odds are you don’t live in one of them.

  • Pulling the ripcord: Climate, kids or taxes?

    Why would an out-of-shape D.C.-area federal worker retire and move to Washington state? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has a one-word answer: taxes.

  • House puts 100,000 tax-delinquent feds on notice

    The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee passed two bills Wednesday – one that would fire tax-delinquent federal employees and another that prevents agencies from awarding contracts or grants to companies with tax debt. More than 100,000 employees in the federal workforce currently owe a total of $3.54 billion in federal taxes.