• The voice of the DC Inno Beat on the rise of Richmond

    Kieran McQuilkin, new market editor at D.C.’s American Inno, discusses the D.C. tech community and some of the hottest new and rising trends for innovation in the region.

  • The hottest jobs in DC and how we’re filling them

    Jim Dinegar, at the Kogod School of Business, explains why low unemployment rates might be an opportunity for growth in the D.C. region. With a wide margin of unfilled tech jobs in the area, Dinegar lays out a plan for using education to solve the issue.

  • Recipe for a skilled workforce

    A report last year estimated upwards of 800 million jobs worldwide will be lost to robotics and automation. “And while that’s true, I think the real story is how many jobs will be created by the need to support, and build, and program, and put in place those robotics and automation,” says the founder of WorkHarmony.

  • What is Greater Washington Partnership?

    Greater Washington Partnership is composed of 20 members representing companies such as Under Armour, Capital One, and MedImmune. It addresses issues such as workforce development, and has released a report on the tech workforce in the region.

  • Latino community provides huge boost to economy

    DC’s business community is boosted by immigrants and multinational businesses, particularly Latin American businesses.

  • Communications expert says tribalism at root of tensions today

    Society is getting wiser on how to communicate its support of mistrust of politicians, movements and brands. Richard Levick offers insight on what to expect next.

  • Local LinkedIn pick as cybersecurity guru talks trends

    Chuck Brooks was recently named by LinkedIn as one of the top five people to follow in cybersecurity issues among its almost 500 million members

  • Getting inventions out of labs and to market

    The region has a wealth of innovators and inventors. In both private and federal labs, it’s easy to imagine thousands of fantastic inventions ready to be part of the next big company, but the transition isn’t always easy, and not all inventions are created equal.

    When it comes to inventions built in labs across the D.C. region, “the idea is that you would ultimately commercialize them and bring them to the market, and someone would use them,” said Bob Smith, Director of the Innovation Commercialization Assistance Program of Virginia at George Mason University.

  • Crowdsourcing to fill local startup funding voids

    Despite being one of the wealthiest areas in the United States, the D.C. region is still a tough place for startups to raise growth capital. Crowdsourcing might be able to fix that.

  • EXTRA: How cybersecurity drives DC’s economy

    Topics: how investment trends shape cybersecurity, the transition from public to private sector, how cyber talent flourishes in the D.C. area, changes in the industry under the new administration, and the dangers of poorly-secured internet of things devices.