• House rejects telework bill

    The House on Thursday voted down HR 1722, the Telework Improvements Act. It would have greatly expand the ability of federal workers to telework. The bill failed because the measure failed to win a two-thirds majority of the lawmakers voting.

  • Focus on work/life balance could free you from the office

    Federal News Radio told you about OPM’s pilot program, ROWE, which would let certain feds work whenever they want, from wherever they want. The Daily Debrief has analysis as to why this program could change the way the federal government does business.

  • How to make federal management more effective

    Getting good results from your team is becoming more important with the administration’s emphasis on results.

  • Prediction: No more snow days for feds

    To get the right people, with the right skills, in the right positions, at the right time, with the right incentives to perform the right function takes an experienced and skilled human capital manager. Jon Desenberg, policy director at The Performance Institute, has some tips.

  • Teleworking, FEHBP: Different Strokes!

    The way you feel about teleworking or raising the age for dependent health care coverage may depend on whether your favorite ice cream flavor is Vanilla or Rocky Road. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey explains the different-strokes rule.

  • Escape the Monday Dead Zone

    Thanks to alternate work schedules, Mondays and Fridays are low-readership days for those of us in the fed-oriented media. But Senior Correspondent Mike Causey, with help from our marketing department, believes he’s found a way to cash in on those Dead Zone days.

  • Telework in the real world

    ”Mobile workdays” are telework’s sexy side. The truth of the matter is the day to day telework grind has benefits too.

  • What’s next for telework and the federal government?

    Alan Holmes of NextGov brings us analysis.

  • How to set up a successful home office

    We talk with home office guru Cecelia Jernegan.

  • Static cleared over the telework bill

    The Senate approves a bill designed to expand telework in the federal government. The Telework Enhancement Act would create an assumption in agencies that employees are eligible to telework. We get an update from American Banker’s Jodi Schneider.