The Trippie Group

  • DHS’ privacy officer gives the ‘carwash’ its seal of approval

    The Homeland Security Department’s chief privacy officer is mandating mobile apps go through the vetting process known as the car wash before they can be deployed on the network.

  • OMB compels agencies to look in the mirror for their IT futures

    The Office of Management and Budget’s new draft policy recognizes the data center consolidation and optimization initiative must fold in several ongoing priorities — from infrastructure and systems modernization, to cybersecurity, cloud first, and the greening of the government — to be more effective.

  • Big data: What’s the next step?

    Tableau Software’s Jerry Valerio and Trippie Group CEO Keith Trippie join host John Gilroy to discuss data management, data storage, and visualization. November 10, 2015

  • Keith Trippie: The good, bad and ugly of a continuing resolution

    Your agency may be operating under a continuing resolution at the end of the month. You’ll need allies to face the challenges that come with a CR. That means working closely with procurement attorneys, budget analysts and your communications staff. Keith Trippie, chief executive at the Trippie Group, gives In Depth with Francis Rose, the good, the bad and the ugly about a CR.

  • Information to strategy: The future transformation of CIOs

    Enough with all the talk about whether or not federal CIOs have enough authority, Keith Trippie said. The real conversation is how CIOs and their organization need to morph over the next decade.