Tom Burger

  • Federal employees score new shutdown protections, relocation tax relief with NDAA

    Twelve weeks of paid parental leave is the main attraction in the House-passed defense authorization bill, but it has a lot more for civilian federal employees.

  • Is the federal retirement system overdue for surgery?

    Some politicians have been after the Federal Employees Retirement System since it replaced the more generous Civil Service Retirement System program during the Reagan administration.

  • Tax Season Special

    FEDtalk It’s that time of year again–tax season. Tune in to FEDtalk this Friday at 11 am ET for a discussion on the most important things for federal employees and members of the public to…

  • Retirement assault unites feds

    The Professional Managers Association is telling fed-postal-retirees to stay alert as federal retirement contribution changes are proposed by the Trump administration.