• Transition: Leaving a Career Legacy

    Host Bob Leins, CPA® welcomes Mike Townshend, transition and aging authority and founder of Carpe Diem Coaching.   You’ve built a career, now how can you leave a legacy that will benefit that organization and provide satisfaction as you move on?  Mike will talk about areas to focus on during the years leading up to retirement,

  • Multigenerational Living

    Host Bob Leins, CPA® welcomes Mike Townshend transition and aging authority and founder of Carpe Diem Coaching.  Growing up in a multigenerational household himself, Mike shares firsthand experience on the topic.

  • Transition: Planning for retirement before you retire

    Host Bob Leins welcomes Mike Townshend, transition and aging authority and founder of Carpe Diem Coaching.  Mike will talk about the critical importance of planning prior to retirement.

  • Scott Maucione: Program helps soldiers transition to civilian life

    The Soldier for Life program helps soldiers transition into the civilian world and it’s coming out with some new initiatives.

  • Soldier for Life finds social media success when reaching out to service members

    A program aimed at helping transitioning soldiers is building its social media presence.

  • Graduation may not equal success in veterans transition program, lawmakers say

    Lawmakers found the numbers presented by the departments involved don’t provide an accurate picture of the program’s success.

  • Caretakers serve in key DoD posts while Trump assembles Defense team

    Retired Marine Gen. James Mattis is the only member of the Trump administration’s Defense team to be nominated, yet alone undergo a confirmation hearing.

  • Greg Pellegrino: Political transition involves more than meets the eye

    All eyes might be on Donald Trump on Inauguration Day, but in reality, the transition involves thousands of people. As in a business merger or acquisition, the hard work comes after the fact. Both career civil servants and politically appointed transition teams can benefit from the lessons learned, as Greg Pellegrino, a customer strategy expert and principal at Deloitte Consulting, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Margot Conrad: Time for managers to re-engage with workforce

    Ultimately, a good workplace is about relationships among people. With the stress of transition about to hit, along with a possible hiring freeze, now is a good time for career leadership to re-engage with the workforce. Margot Conrad, director of education and outreach at the Partnership for Public Service, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin with some tips for effective ways to do that.

  • House, Senate committees meet to ponder civilian-military relations under President Trump

    Congress’ two defense policy committees were set to meet Thursday to consider whether retired Gen. James Mattis should be the next secretary of Defense, something both houses of Congress will have to approve since his confirmation would require the suspension of a federal law that demands military officers be out of uniform for seven years before they become the military’s civilian boss.