Treasury Department

  • 2017 Sammies finalists, career feds impress new cabinet secretaries

    Cabinet secretaries, many of whom are newcomers to government, say they’re impressed by the dedication and hard work they’ve seen from colleagues at the career levels of their agencies within the first 100 days of the Trump administration. They offered their congratulations to the 26 finalists of the Partnership for Public Service’s prestigious Service to America Medals.

  • IRS needs to ‘be efficient,’ but budget cuts threaten customer service, cybersecurity

    The Internal Revenue Service continues to think of ways to modernize its IT systems and navigate the dangerous waters of identity theft and refund scams, —, even as the agency is being asked for a seventh year to tighten its belt.

  • Tapping into the G Fund is one of six options for Treasury as debt limit nears

    The Congressional Budget Office detailed in a new projection that the government would hit the debt limit by March 15, and Treasury would have to take extraordinary steps to keep the nation from defaulting.

  • With Cabinet nominees filled, Trump preparing for next level of appointees

    Defense Deputy Secretary Bob Work, Chuck Rosenberg, the administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency and Nick Rasmussen, the director of the National Counterterrorism Center, are among the current appointees who are staying in place to help ensure continuity of government.

  • Mint marks 225 years of coining

    Mint people tend to have a strong sense of their agency. It’s old, and it does work we couldn’t live without.

  • How IT modernization helped the Fiscal Service uncover $20M in improper payments

    The Treasury Department’s Bureau of Fiscal Service merged five legacy IT systems together to develop a new, modern post-payment application. With data consolidated in one place, the Fiscal Service helped the department’s inspector general uncover $20-30 million in improper payments.

  • Washington and Hollywood: A new sequel

    Sometimes federal regulators get pulled into pointless investigations.

  • Bureau of Engraving and Printing clearing way for cloud, better data analytics

    Harry Singh, the deputy associate director and deputy CIO of Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing, said his agency is building on the success of putting its enterprise resource planning system in the cloud.

  • HHS IT executives finding new homes

    Dave Nelson is leaving the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to be the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s CIO while Karen DeSalvo left her role as coordinator for health IT to focus full time on being acting assistant secretary for health.

  • Leonard Olijar: What it takes to make the new $20 bill

    Harriet Tubman died more than a century ago. Photographs of her are grainy and fuzzy. And she’s not the sort of person who wold have posed for an expensive oil painting. Yet somehow her likeness has to be translated for printing on the new $20. Creating that bill falls to the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Bureau Director Leonard Olijar shares details on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.