• GSA,, Treasury Dept.

    CHEERS To Bob Martinez, Patrick Jones, Paul Davis, and Tim Cashman, GSA Pacific Rim, Public Building Service employees, who increased the use of renewable energy at the California Land Port of Entry in Otay Mesa,…

  • The Challenges Ahead

    Lawmakers and the markets gave a lukewarm response to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s public address on how Obama administration’s financial rescue plan. Neil Irwin, Washington Post Financial Reporter, joins us to discuss the remaining challenges…

  • Funding Fight Update

    President Barack Obama sent Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and OMB Director Peter Orzag to Capitol Hill yesterday to defend the 2010 budget proposal. Jodi Schneider is Senior Editor at Congressional Quarterly and brings us up…

  • Could XBRL Revolutionize Financial Reporting?

    President Obama has publicly stated that his administration will be known for openness and transparency. One of the cornerstones of that policy will be websites such as and, which will use new technologies…

  • Internal Revenue’s Internal Audit

    How secure are the 98,000 desktop and laptop computers at the Internal Revenue Service? Peggy Begg is the Assistant Inspector General for Security and Information Technology Audits with the Treasury Department. She joins us to…

  • Where the Money Flows

    Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner defended the Troubled Asset Relief Program during a visit to Capitol Hill yesterday. Geithner testified before a Congressional oversight panel about how Treasury is using the $700 billion dollars from the…

  • OMB taking a deeper look at data centers

    Federal CIO Vivek Kundra will sign a memo requiring agencies to do another, more detailed survey of their data centers. Agencies also are working on a department-wide plan to consolidate these buildings.

  • Agencies count on federal financial managers

    In the federal government, they wield spreadsheets, strive for ”clean audit opinions”, and are the first line of defense in accounting for the spending of taxpayer dollars. ”They” are the top federal CFOs and financial managers, and yesterday, they met here in Washington to discuss their profession.

  • Treasury’s OFIT squelches the FSIO rumor

    The director of the new Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation at Treasury, Adam Goldberg, busts a myth for Federal News Radio. He says his office won’t be taking on the work of the old Federal Systems Integration Office.

  • OMB to set new real property policy

    Controller Danny Werfel says agencies have been developing inventories and now it’s time to get rid of unneeded real estate. OMB also preparing to kick off cloud computing certification program. And administration’s performance management portal under development.