U.S. Chamber of Commerce

  • Shutdown has cost small businesses $2.3 billion

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates there were about $2.3 billion in government contracts that would have been issued to small firms over the past month, but weren’t because of the government shutdown.

  • Government’s reputation as prompt bill payer among shutdown’s casualties

    Shutdown’s impact on contractors: It’s not just the lack of new work that hurts. They’re not being paid for work they’ve already done.

  • Real-time info sharing a point of contention in Senate cyber bill

    Senate Select Intelligence Committee chairs Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said they expect the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act will reach the Senate floor for debate in about 10 working days. They’re both open to changes to the bill, as long as they don’t alter the basic core of the legislation.

  • White House cyber framework focuses on flexibility, risk for critical infrastructure providers

    NIST led the year-long effort to develop the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity. Agencies now must review regulations to ensure alignment with the framework. DHS also launches a new voluntary program that will offer access to a variety of federal resources to help companies improve cybersecurity.

  • NIST puts finishing touches on critical infrastructure cyber framework

    The preliminary version of the framework will be published in mid-October, followed by several months of public comment. NIST plans a final release of the voluntary framework in February.

  • DHS, NIST lynchpins helping cyber order succeed

    The newly issued Executive Order gives NIST, DHS several goals and corresponding deadlines over the next year. NIST will work with industry to create a cybersecurity framework. DHS is expanding the information sharing program so industry can receive classified and unclassified cyber threat data more easily and more quickly.

  • VetNet: Helping veterans find jobs

    Host Derrick Dortch hosts a roundtable discussion of a new initiatiave to help transitioning veterans find jobs once they leave the military. December 7, 2012(Encore presentation December 21, 2012 & December 28, 2012)

  • Senate cyber bill is ‘dead’

    The upper chamber fails to move cyber bill out of starting blocks by receiving 60 votes to end cloture. Lawmakers couldn’t get past their concerns over the requirement for regulations and DHS’ oversight role.

  • New cybersecurity threat could revive legislation

    Congress has a lot of unfinished business to tackle during its lame duck session expected in November. The House Intelligence Committee chairman thinks new threat information could push cyber legislation up the priority list.

  • Dangle the cyber carrots to increase security

    Instead of imposing additional security regulations, the U.S. government must work with the private sector to develop incentives that motivate companies to voluntarily adopt security best practices.