• DHS sweetens cyber workforce recruiting with new bonuses

    The Homeland Security Department is about to roll out a new series of incentive payments to lure cyber experts from the private sector and keep them in the civil service.

  • OPM pushes for more targeted recruitment, as HR community bemoans USAJobs

    The federal human resources community suggests agencies change their approach to hiring. Rather than hedge their bets that will help them identify a diverse pool of qualified new applicants, hiring managers should constantly target specific groups of talented people, the Office of Personnel Management says.

  • Why the top-down, ‘mythbusters’ approach to federal hiring works

    Agencies say the guidance and tools that the Office of Personnel Management gives to department headquarters often does not filter down to components in the field. OPM began the first of its listening and training tours last week on the federal hiring process.

  • First round of improvements out from OPM

    Improvements to the federal job portal include an application tracker, which lets candidates monitor their progress as they start and finish an application online. The Office of Personnel Management will roll out more improvements to throughout the year.

  • OPM official sees ‘slow but sustainable’ growth in Hispanic workforce

    The Office of Personnel Management’s Veronica Villalobos says the 2 percent growth in Hispanic federal employees is a sign of slow and steady progress.

  • Emily Kopp, Reporter, Federal News Radio

    You might have heard that baby boomers are no longer babies, and most of them have grandchildren. Federal boomers are retiring in waves. So who replaces them? The Office of Personnel Management is overhauling the government’s recruiting tools to attract tech-savvy millennials who might not be charmed by stuffy job descriptions or bureaucratic websites. Federal News Radio’s Emily Kopp joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to discuss OPM’s new strategy.

  • Tim McManus, Partnership for Public Service

    The hunt for a job in the federal government can be confusing from the very start. Logging onto USA Jobs and searching for a job as a “secretary” can land you options ranging from public affairs officer to associate deputy assistant secretary for program planning and budget. Then comes navigating the technical requirements, executive core requirements, and the actual application process itself. Tim McManus is Vice President for Education and Outreach at the Partnership for Public Service. He shared some tips for aspiring feds on In Depth with guest host Jared Serbu.

  • Federal recruiting, NSA survelliance, and more

    Linda Rix, co-CEO of Avue Technologies will give her take on a wide range of issues affecting the federal job market. July 5, 2013 (This show originally aired June 28, 2013)

  • Federal recruiting, NSA survelliance, and more

    Linda Rix, co-CEO of Avue Technologies will give her take on a wide range of issues affecting the federal job market. June 28, 2013

  • USAJobs passes independent cybersecurity test

    Auditors found no security weaknesses that present an immediate threat to the jobs portal or user information housed in its database. The test represented the site’s first independent security evaluation since OPM took control over from Monster Government Solutions in Oct. 2011. Under MGS management, hackers broke into the portal twice in 17 months.