• Census implementing virtualization-first policy

    Brian McGrath, the chief information officer at the Census Bureau, says his agency is about to implement a “virtualization-first” policy. He tells Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller, “All new applications will be serviced via a virtualized guest as opposed to a bare-metal deployment of hardware. Unless there is a compelling engineering or architechture reason to […]

  • Telework and Virtualization

    Federal agencies are working to provide a complete, secure computing experience to enable employees to ‘work from a distance’, or, telework. With VMware, agency-standard PC clients can be quickly provisioned, deployed and managed from the datacenter. Agency personnel can securely access familiar resources through government furnished equipment OR their own PCs. Our customers have saved up to 45% on desktop computing costs, increased employee job satisfaction and reduced the environmental impact from all those commuters. If your agency wants to securely enable telework – or just save money, VMware desktop virtualization is your answer.

  • Navy, DHS, State make strides in the cloud

    When it comes to reducing costs and wasteful spending at agencies, IT managers are being leaned on heavily to get the job done. The Navy is moving ahead with its technology efficiency and consolidation initiative by putting the brakes on spending for new servers, server upgrades and data centers. “We are reevaluating what all of […]

  • Virtualization key for future of Bureau of the Public Debt

    IT managers from large agencies and small agencies alike are looking at virtualization to help them save money and streamline processes. On this week’s Ask the CIO program, Kim McCoy, chief information officer at the Bureau of the Public Debt, discussed her agency’s plans in this arena. McCoy told Federal News Radio her agency, along […]

  • DHS outlines future cloud computing moves

    The Department of Homeland Security is hopping on the cloud – for its public websites. Department of Homeland Security Chief Information Officer Richard Spires says the agency is planning to get a public cloud provider…

  • Virtualization: compare and contrast

    Host John Gilroy discusses the expansion of virtualization with Joe Brown, President, Accelera Solutions. September 28, 2010

  • How to use virtualization to become a “yes” CIO

    ”CIOs that are adopting desktop virtualization can be CIOs that can say ’yes’ to things; before they had to say ’no’ because there was no way to manage those devices.”

  • Make decisions before you decide to move to cloud

    This week, we bring you a special treat — an extended conversation with Mark White, a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP who works with both the firm’s Federal and Technology practices. He is also the…

  • Comparing cloud use in the U.S. and Europe

    Who’s using cloud more — the U.S. or Europe? What are the biggest concerns when it comes to security on both sides of the Atlantic? Should you be developing a cloud strategy now, or should…

  • How to leverage your data center with virtualization

    This week, host John Gilroy talks with Andy Lausch of CDW-G. August 3, 2010