Vivek Kundra

  • Coalition forms to keep federal IT reform on track

    TechAmerica has put together the Commission on Government Technology Opportunity in the 21st Century.

  • VA clips wings of FLITE program

    The Department of Veterans Affairs has decided to scrap large portions of its $400 million FLITE financial management modernization program.

  • Financial systems overhaul on OMB’s radar

    The Office of Management and Budget is taking aim at approximately 30 agency financial management modernization systems. Part of the new oversight is a Financial Systems Advisory Board made up of CFOs and CIOs across the government. The administration’s goals are lower costs and improve performance by addressing long standing project problems.

  • OMB, GSA hope fourth time is a charm for

    Agencies launch redesigned governmentwide portal with Microsoft’s Bing search engine. As a part of the launch, OMB and GSA make 18 mobile applications available from agencies across the government. Federal CIO Kundra says the government must improve how citizens access information and interact with agencies.

  • Federal cloud computing eyeballed on Capitol Hill

    Federal agencies are under the gun to develop strategies for moving many of their IT functions into the cloud.

  • House panel gets cloud computing lowdown

    Despite the potential benefits, a congressional watchdog warns that a more detailed game plan is needed to cover security and procedural concerns about cloud computing voiced by federal agencies themselves.

  • OMB vows to end out of control IT projects

    The administration issues two new memos focusing on all IT projects and specifically on financial management systems. OMB will issue guidance in the next month detailing how they will evaluate which programs are at most risk. OMB’s Zients says programs worth more than $10 billion are significantly off track in cost, schedule or both.

  • OMB pressing agencies to get IT projects on track

    Federal CIO Vivek Kundra says there are $27 billion in IT projects that are troubled. The administration will issue a new strategy to expand the use of TechStat review sessions. Agencies also are feeling the heat to review all IT projects before they submit their 2012 budgets to OMB.

  • CIO Council report on cloud sets future vision

    The document highlights work being done by NIST, standards working group and budget guidance to agencies. NIST to come out with several special publications to help agencies implement cloud computing. The CIO Council also includes use cases on 30 different cloud implementations.

  • Federal CIO blogs on first anniversary of

    Read Vivek Kundra’s new blog post.