William Eggers

  • Reskilling, telework moving federal employees ‘toward the future of work’

    The Office of Personnel Management and agency partners say the rapid pace of emerging technology can make the goal of building the workforce of the future seem like a moving target.

  • Compliance without tears

    William D. Eggers, Executive Director of the Deloitte Center for Government Insights, and Greg Pellegrino, a principal with Deloitte Consulting, detail a new approach for improving the business regulatory environment.

  • Customer experience: A prescription for improving government performance

    Deloitte’s Greg Pellegrino and William D. Eggers provide examples of how agencies are improving citizen services.

  • How to become a serial innovator

    By Dorothy Ramienski Internet Editor FederalNewsRadio It isn’t always easy to innovate. So you should probably try and fail. “You need failure to have innovation because innovation requires experimentation, but how can you fail and…

  • Nurturing new ideas at your agency

    New ideas are great, but how can you implement them at your agency? How can you foster the development of new ideas in the first place? William Eggers is with Deloitte and has written two…