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  • Watching your TSP nest egg hatch…or crack!

    Folks who track their stock market investments on a hourly basis sometimes need nerves of steel. And a forgiving job that gives the time to monitor markets and pundits as Wall Street reacts various promises…

  • When the TSP was in the toilet

    A decade ago today, the US stock market was hitting rock bottom. The Great Recession, which had been in effect for almost two years, showed no signs of getting better — ever.

  • Stock market heading south? Nervous TSP investors want answers

    Few people alive today remember the Great Depression, but millions of nervous investors, some in the civil service, wonder how much longer this record bull market can last.

  • Bull market birthday: Who blows out the candles?

    The C Fund of the Thrift Savings Plan tracks the U.S. stock market’s 500 largest publicly traded funds. The S Fund tracks the remaining 4,500 so-called small caps, although many are far from small.