Zulfikar Ramzan

  • Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence

    Federal News Radio convened a panel with a diverse group of cybersecurity professionals to talk about best practices for gathering threat intelligence for today’s cybersecurity in government.

  • In Focus: Threat intelligence in the private and public sectors

    The viewpoint that RSA’s chief technology officer Zulfikar Ramzan brought to the table is the ability to put the cybersecurity threat intelligence discussion within agencies in perspective with the commercial world. He reinforced the concept of a dichotomy in the world of threat intelligence. There is a balance in the need for trust and speed, but often times agencies require protracted reviews.

  • Working proactively to prevent threats

    “The reality is that you can’t be reactive anymore,” Zulfikar Ramzan, chief technology officer for RSA, said on Federal News Radio’s In Focus. “A reactive posture is what gets you into trouble in the long run. Now the good news is that even though there are these zero day vulnerabilities and sophisticated attackers, at some point in the course of every attack, someone utilizes a known tool or some known piece of infrastructure simply because it’s too expensive for attackers to do everything fresh for the first time.”

  • Enhancing Federal Network Visibility and Analytics

    Federal News Radio hosted RSA Chief Technology Officer Zulfikar Ramzan and three federal executives to take a look at several aspects of network visibility and analytics.