DHS issues RFI for vendors to protect .gov domain

By Jason Miller Executive Editor FederalNewsRadio

The Homeland Security Department wants to know how vendors would protect the .gov domain.

In a request for information issued today on FedBizOpps.gov, DHS Office of Cybersecurity and Communications, National Cyber Security Division wants to know how contractors would provide a technical, end-to-end solution to accomplish this goal.

DHS wants information around these specific areas:


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  • Alert, warning and analysis, which includes compiling and analyzing information about cyber security and inform federal, state, and local government agencies, private sector partners, infrastructure owners and operators, and the public about current and potential cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Coordination and collaboration, which includes information sharing of cyber activity with public and private sector;
  • Response and assistance, which includes vulnerability analysis, threat, attack, detection and mitigation assistance and help developing enforcement and compliance policies;
  • Protect and detect, which includes coordination of security from Trusted Internet Connections and analyzing network traffic to identify emerging threats, detect cyber threats using traffic flow analysis, intrusion detection tools, commercial vulnerability data feeds, and open-source mechanisms.

Reponses are due July 22.

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