DoD embracing tools like Twitter and Facebook

July 8th, 2009

Never before has the Department of Defense been able to deliver, not only their mission, but reasoning behind it to so many. DoD is embracing the use of tools like Twitter and Facebook to reach the next generation of policy makers, recruits and those young men and women abroad who need to understand better the military policies of the United States.

But Price Floyd, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs says in order to best take advantage of these tools, OpSec must remain issue #1. So if you want to have two way communication between DoD and the 18-25 year olds steeped in social media communication, Floyd says everyone at DoD using these technologies must be trained at the source.

Floyd also explains how these tools will allow the public to ask questions of the Pentagon, get answers, contribute ideas and possibly change DoD policy. Floyd wants people to feel like they have a personal stake in how decisions are made. Floyd also outlines the next generation of interactive website called which will likely be modeled after the U.S. European Command website,


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