2010 and Beyond: WikiLeaks to shape future of Gov 2.0

Alex Howard, Gov 2.0 Correspondent, O'Reilly Media

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This month the DorobekINSIDER continues to look at the top stories of 2010 and their impact on the coming years in the series ‘2010 and Beyond.”

The top Gov 2.0 story of 2011 changes depending on when you ask, said Alex Howard, the government 2.0 correspondent for O’Reilly Media, in an interview with the Dorobek INSIDER.

At the beginning of the year, the focus was on open data and the spread of Gov 2.0 initiatives, Howard said. In the middle of the year, the story would have been how local governments are using these capabilities to talk to citizens and the continued expansion of Gov 2.0, he said.

As of a couple weeks ago, the Gov 2.0 story of 2011 is WikiLeaks and its impact on government openness, Howard said.

The need to share versus the need to know dynamic has shifted, he said.

WikiLeaks is one example that the Internet has created “unbelievable amounts of disruptions in terms of our relationships with one another and our relationships with government,” Howard said.

But the impact will not always be positive.

“Anyone who’s a cyber utopian is probably going to get knocked down a couple pegs if they think it’s all going to be gingerbread cookies and Santa Claus,” Howard said.

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