Virtualization key for future of Bureau of the Public Debt

IT managers from large agencies and small agencies alike are looking at virtualization to help them save money and streamline processes.

On this week’s Ask the CIO program, Kim McCoy, chief information officer at the Bureau of the Public Debt, discussed her agency’s plans in this arena.

McCoy told Federal News Radio her agency, along with its sister agency, the Financial Management Service, will be consolidating their data centers from a total of five down to two that will service both.

Since we do provide services to other government agencies, we’re looking at the possibility of how to build the most cost-effective standardized hosting infrastructure, whether you want to call that a cloud or not, but how do we have an infrastructure that allows us to host applications for the federal sector very quickly, meeting all of our security requirements in a cost competitive fashion.

McCoy said the agency is also moving towards a virtual desktop, even though she isn’t fond of the term.

“The primary driver for that is that we know we need to move towards a telework environment not only to maintain the staff we have today but to expand our staff while keeping our overhead low and maintaining our current level of physical office space.”

McCoy said the agency will begin making progress in this area within the year with the hopes of rolling something out within the next few years.

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