Teleworkers feel more connected than the deskbound

Teleworking can help improve employee performance, job satisfaction and work-life balance.

The Partnership for Public Service has conducted a survey looking at the relationship between telework, job satisfaction and commitment.

One finding that surprised the Partnership’s Tim McManus, vice president for Education and Outreach, has to do with how much control teleworkers have over what goes on back in the office.

McManus told Federal News Radio’s DorobekINSIDER, “one would assume, and there’s a theory out there or a camp out there that says if you’re not in the office, you’re probably going to be disconnected from it, you’re going to feel less involved, you’re going to feel less involved about the decisions? The data actually points to exactly the opposite. Sixteen points higher for those who actually have the opportunity to telework.”

OPM’s Employee Viewpoint Survey (EVS) findings agree. Teleworkers “feel they have more control over work processes” 53 percent, compared to 44 percent of non-teleworkers.


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