NASA picks SAIC for second I3P award

By Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

SAIC won its second contract under NASA’s multi-billion dollar Information Technology Infrastructure Integration Program (I3P).

The space agency announced today that it awarded SAIC a contract to provide communications services under a 12-year deal that could be worth $1.3 billion.

Under the NASA Integrated Communications Services (NICS) contract, SAIC will provide managerial and technical expertise to support NASA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer CIO for corporate and mission communications needs, including local area network management at all NASA centers. The company will provide corporate and mission enterprise services, center and associated component facility services, infrastructure projects and contract management services.

The contract is a follow-on effort for numerous agency and center contracts, including the Unified NASA Information Technology Services (UNITeS) contract and portions of the Outsourcing Desktop Initiative for NASA (ODIN) contracts.

SAIC was the incumbent under UNITes and was one of seven contract holders under ODIN.

NASA also hired SAIC in October under the Applications Service Technologies (EAST) contract that could be worth more than $321 million over five years.

Under I3P, NASA is reshaping its entire acquisition of technology services.

The agency awarded a third contract under I3P to HP for the Agency Consolidated End-user Services (ACES) program that could be worth $2.5 billion over 10 years.

NASA still plans on releasing one more request for proposals under I3P for its Enterprise Data Center (NEDC) contract.

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