Tablets flood market, shape mobile workforce

The release of the iPad2 – Apple’s latest version of its tablet computer – is not just hype but a sign of an increasingly mobile federal workforce.

In the next year, more than 50 manufacturers will offer nearly 100 tablet models, Information Week reports.

Tablets have the advantage of being “non-invasive” in a meeting, said Deloitte’s Eric Openshaw in an interview with the DorobekINSIDER. The newest iPad could even make meetings obsolete as the tablet has a camera both in the front and back (one to take pictures and one to use as a webcam).

Federal leaders are also actively seeking more mobility among their workforce. Earlier this month, Federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra said he wants to move toward more employee ownership of mobile devices. This might mean giving feds a couple thousand dollar stipend to purchase their own devices, be it a smartphone, laptop or tablet.


Government-wide, the enhancement of telework opportunities will also push for more mobility – and more ownership of devices like the tablet for work use.

As agencies are budget-tightening, the mobile movement might be one solution for the government to both save money and still stay connected with managers and coworkers.