The Accidental Insider Threat: Is Your Organization Ready?

October 2nd, 2012 at 12 PM

Today, most organizations are keenly aware of deliberate insider threats that pose risk to their cybersecurity posture. But recently the internal threat has morphed. More than ever “accidental insiders” — sources of vulnerability who are not maliciously trying to cause harm, are unknowingly presenting major risks which can compromise an organization and its infrastructure. This panel sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton, will bring together top industry experts to discuss the threats posed by these accidental insiders. Several questions and issues will be explored including: How do you define and characterize accidental insider threats? How prevalent are these threats? How do you measure the impact of an accidental insider threat incident after it has occurred? How does legislation and policy affect what organizations can do to address these threats?

Moderator: Raynor Dahlquist – Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton


Tom Kellermann – Vice President of Cyber Security, Trend Micro
Angela McKay – Principal Security Strategist, Global Security Strategy and Diplomacy, Microsoft
Michael C. Theis – CISSP, SSA (retired), Chief Counterintelligence Expert, CERT Insider Threat Center


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