AFCEA Answers – State of the Cyber Workforce

AFCEA Answers - State of the Cyber Workforce

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For over a decade, experts have been forecasting a shortage in trained cybersecurity professionals. And the demand for those experts continues, even as government and industry notes an uptick in the number and the nature of cyber threats. On this edition of “AFCEA Answers”, we get a report card on efforts to educate and train the cybersecurity workforce with Dr. Ron Ross from NIST; Pat Delaney from University of Maryland University College; and Chris May from Carnegie Mellon University’s CERT program.

Moderator: Max Cacas – Host/Producer, AFCEA Answers


  • Chris May – Technical Manager of Cyber Workforce Development for the CERT Division of the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute
  • Pat Delaney – Associate VP of Corporate Learning Solutions, University of Maryland University College
  • Dr. Ron Ross – Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology


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