AFCEA Answers – Big Data Point-Counterpoint

America’s Intelligence Community depends on timely, accurate information to help national leaders make important decisions every day. And yet, increasing use of drones, remote sensors, satellites and a plethora of digital data sources threatens to overwhelm analysts abilities to sort out needles of useful information in the big data haystack. In this edition of “AFCEA Answers”, Mark Lowenthal from the Intelligence and Security Academy, and Lewis Shepherd with the Microsoft Institute, continue a debate started in the pages of SIGNAL Magazine on whether or not an emphasis on Big Data in the IC should be a top priority at this time.

Moderator: Max Cacas – Host/Producer, AFCEA Answers


  • Mark Lowenthal – President & CEO, The Intelligence and Security Academy, Reston, Va
  • Lewis Shepherd – Director, Microsoft Institute, Washington D.C.


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