OPM releases new employee engagement tool

By Ellen Kortesoja
Federal News Radio

The Office of Personnel Management is giving agencies a way to better understand and utilize data gleaned from the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) and OPM’s Enterprise Human Resources Integration (EHRI) data.

This new tool, an online dashboard, allows managers to creatively use and engage with information about their agency.

The move is part of the President’s Management Agenda — goals that include improving the federal workforce through engagement.

The dashboard, found at UnlockTalent.gov, is unique for each agency. Managers each have their own login credentials, and the portal will use mixed multimedia to interpret the survey’s results.

OPM lists a few examples of different pages on the dashboard:

  • Agency overview: A map of the entire agency’s results.
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction: Departmentwide employee results that managers can view compared to other offices or from years past. However, managers will not be able to look an individual employee’s answers.
  • Community of practice: Tips, case studies and other resources used by most-improved agencies — a section with content to “improve workplace culture.”

Fifteen agencies and the Office of Management and Budget helped to create the online dashboard.

Results from the 2014 FEVS will be posted to UnlockTalent.gov in early fall, after OPM has analyzed the data. OPM says it will be accepting feedback in the following months to make the dashboard’s design as user-friendly as possible.


OPM launching federal hiring toolkit, new interactive dashboard to reach cross-agency goals

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