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Cyber 2016 coverExpert Edition: Cyber
Articles include: 

  • Oversight Report: OPM Cyber Hacks Connected, Point to Multiple ‘Failures’ within Agency
  • Cyber Threat Sharing is Now a Two-Way Street Between Industry, Government
  • DISA Unveils its Premier Facility for Cyber Defense
  • DoD to Take on the Next Challenge with Cloud: Application Security
  • How Agencies Doubled the Number of New Cybersecurity Hires this Year
  • How Reducing Information Systems ‘Clutter’ Could Reduce Cyber Risk
  • New Tools are Coming to a DHS Signature Cyber Program


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Appllication Security through IT Modernization cover cleanExpert Edition: Application Security Through IT Modernization
Articles include: 

  • DHS Looking for Industry Expertise in Protecting ‘Mobile Ecosystem’
  • Mobile Application Playbook Strives for Consistency
  • Two Agencies’ Views on Mobile Data: Protect or Collect?
  • Army Says Logistics IT System has Saved At Least $6 Billion
  • Agency CIOs: Government Culture Not a Barrier to IT Updates
  • Agencies Spending More on IT Modernization Efforts Than They Think
  • SSA, VA Finding Path to Modernize IT Goes Through its People


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Identity Management CoverExpert Edition: Identity Management
Articles include: 

  • DHS Turns the Page on HSIN Identity Management
  • Can GSA’s 18F Succeed Where 3 Other ID Management Projects Have Struggled?
  • Quietly, OMB Puts Its Weight Behind Latest ID Management Initiative
  • A-130 finally gives identity management a much needed policy boost
  • DoD Plans to Bring CAC Cards to an End
  • Halvosen ‘Firing for Effect’ in Calling for the End of CAC


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Enterprise IT eBook coverExpert Edition: Enterprise IT
Articles include: 

  • Agencies Spending More on IT Modernization Efforts Than They Think
  • On DoD: Army Using Innovation Challenges, IT Box to Rapidly Equip Cyber Warriors
  • Sprawling Intel System is First Test for Air Force’s New Commitment to Open Architecture
  • Navy Using Virtual Test Bed to Secure Shipboard Systems
  • SSA’s IT Modernization Takes Small Steps on Way to Major Changes
  • OMB Draft Policy Begins IT Modernization With or Without Congress


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Digital Services eBook coverExpert Edition: Digital Services
Articles include: 

  • OMB Wants Digital Services Playbook to be More Than Shelfware
  • OFPP to require a Buyers Club in Every Agency
  • Only the Beginning for Agencies’ Push Toward Agile
  • OPM Sees More Momentum Behind Digital Hiring Tools
  • 18F Brings Smaller, More Agile Developers to Government with Micro-Purchases
  • HHS Buyers Club Proving a Non-Traditional IT Acquisition Approach Works
  • 18F Tech Experts Help OPM Reshape How Feds Work
  • OMB Places Focus on People, Budget to Break Down Digital Service Barriers
  • HHS Wants More Innovators to ‘Hack Red Tape’
  • Agency CIOs Revolt Against Arduous Budget Process
  • Agencies Smarter in How They Deliver IT, OMB Says

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Expert Edition: Cloudcloud cover
Articles include:

  • FDA, NIH Finding Solutions to the Health Care problems in the Cloud
  • Cyber, Modernization Efforts Driving Expected Growth in IT Spending
  • Air Force Deploys Special Team to Fix HR Technology Systems
  • Finally an Answer Emerges for “Why IPv6?”
  • DoD’s Cloud Policy Rains Some Risks, IG Says
  • 18F Shines Some Light on cloud.gov Platform, but Concerns Remain
  • Army Shops Cloud Vendors to Host Enterprise Apps
  • NSA’s Move to the Cloud Includes Something Borrowed, Something New
  • National Park Service Bringing Online to the Outside
  • With New Threats, Law Enforcement Agencies Look for More Collaboration


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Expert Edition: Cybercyber cover
Articles include:

  • Federal CIO Scott Turns Up Temp on Cyber, IT Spending Decisions
  • DHS Awards $1B Cyber Contract to Protect Agency Networks
  • A New Idea for Measuring Cyber Progress
  • New Cyber Threat Center Hits Stride In October
  • DoD Raises Cyber Accountability
  • DoD Cyber Defense Headquarters Flexing Muscle in First Months
  • Retaining Cyber Talent is All About the Bottom Line
  • Navy Rolls Out New Five-Year Cyber Strategy
  • DHS Introduces STIX, TAXII Service for Cyber
  • US-CERT’s Do’sand-Don’ts for After the Cyber Hack


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Expert Edition: Cloud expert edition cloud

  • DISA Releases ‘Best Practices’ Guide for Commercial Cloud Buyers
  • State of Federal Cloud Remains Optimistic with a Chance of Budget Pessimism
  • DoD, GSA Consider New Contract Vehicle for Commercial Cloud
  • Cloud Bill Gains Support as FedRAMP Sets JAB Approval Cap
  • DISA ‘Going Commercial’ in Forthcoming Update to MilCloud
  • Slow Progress Forces Navy to Change Strategies for Cloud, Data Centers
  • Acceptance of Open Source, Cloud a Slow Roll
  • DoD Reaches 36 ‘Provisional’ Authorizations for Commercial Cloud Services
  • Reuse of FedRAMP Authorizations Could Save $70M Annually
  • Army to Test Commercially-Run Cloud Services on Military Bases

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Expert Edition: Big Data  cover image

Articles include:

  • OMB’s 57 New Standards
  • CIO Survey Finds Data Analytics a Low Priority
  • OMB “Tames” Past Performance Date to Improve Grants Process
  • Deconstructing the CDO
  • Federal CIOs Should Pay Attention to European Commission’s Investigation Into Android
  • How Do Not Pay and Other Data Analytics Tools Save Billions in Improper Payments
  • SSA’s Award Winning Big Data Project
  • HHS Modernizes Health Data Portal


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