11 government Instagram accounts to follow

As more and more agencies embrace digital technology, many have discovered that social media is a useful tool to educate the public on their particular missions. Here are 11 Instagram accounts that show off a small portion of the federal government’s work.

1. Interior Department

2. Smithsonian’s National Zoo



3. General Services Administration


4. Homeland Security Department




6. U.S. Marine Corps


Happy Independence Day, Marines. #FourthOfJuly #IndependenceDay #Freedom #Murica #Marines #Combat A video posted by United States Marine Corps (@marines) on

7. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


8. U.S. Department of Agriculture


9. The White House


10. National Science Foundation

11. NOAA

It’s #SharkWeek at NOAA … Did you know: Whale sharks are the largest non-mammal vertebrate in the world, standing out as the largest fish in existence! They are mostly solitary and nomadic, spending much of their lives wandering the high seas alone. Whale sharks can stand on their tails. Each whale shark’s spot pattern is unique as a fingerprint. Find out more about these beautiful, gentle creatures with these surprising facts: http://1.usa.gov/28YCL1U Dr. Eric Hoffmayer, a NOAA shark expert, knows a thing or two about whale sharks. He once came upon 100 whale sharks at one time. He would love to determine the location of newborn whale sharks, which still remains a mystery to science. Learn more about his work: http://1.usa.gov/291G8pN Follow @NOAAFisheries on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for great shark photos, features & more. Photo: Whale shark. Dave Witting/NOAA Fisheries #SharkWeekNOAA #shark #whale #whaleshark #noaa #noaafisheries #science #sea #nature

A photo posted by NOAA (@noaa) on


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