Monday Morning Federal Newsstand

Next up to deploy: Civilians (FederalTimes)

Anticipating Cuts in Military Spending, Budget Planners Sharpen Their Pencils (NYTimes)

Raytheon looking for cyber-workers (WashingtonBusinessJournal)

Wanted: Falcons, Handlers For Mission in Afghanistan (WashingtonPost)


Congressmen vie for leadership on House panel (GovExec)

Rescue Cash Lures Thousands of Banks (WallStJournal)

Study backs up flu shot advice for kids (USAToday)

FDA Panel Accepts Findings On BPA (WashingtonPost)

Exposure to plastic chemical BPA may affect behaviors (

EPA curbs factory farm pollution

Supreme Court to hear FCC appeal over dirty words (USAToday)

Boeing factories set to resume work after strike

Judge orders White House to produce wiretap memos

IRS, Justice Target Undisclosed Assets In Swiss Accounts (WashingtonPost)

US Navy intercepts missile shot from Hawaii base

Magnitude-6.1 quake shakes Aleutian Islands

Magnitude-5.1 quake shakes Guam

Neil Armstrong donating his papers to Purdue

Twinkies get slimmed down

And Finally…

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s… the ISS Flushing the Toilet! (Gizmodo) and according to Reentry News, the Predicted Reentry Time is today at 03:46 UTC ± 15 hours.

Wear a hat.