Rep. Moran: require manager training at all agencies

By Suzanne Kubota
Senior Internet Editor

Federal News Radio has told you about a move in Congress to require more training for federal managers.

Sponsor of legislation in the House, Jim Moran (D-Va), told the Federal Drive the federal government has good managers. The idea now is to help them be even better.

Good managers are really in a kind of lifelong learning curricula. The always have their minds open to new ideas. They read all the time. They are dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness of all the people that report to them. So all we’re doing is implementing what the best corporations do who have achieved the best human resources practices.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, only a quarter of the estimated 220,000 federal managers and supervisors received any training when there hired or promoted, and three-quarters received no ongoing training. Moran said his bill fixes that, even while saving money through allowing interactive training.

“It allows agencies to use webinars, remote training and other kinds of online education so that we will make it make it less expensive, more efficient, and I think just as effective training.”

Moran said he’s proud of the federal workforce and is confident that supervisors and managers will take advantage of what legislation offers.

Federal employees take on so many functions. From immigration to Social Security checks, just a whole panoply of different functions. It’s the largest organization in the world. But, notwithstanding that, most managers are very similar in their orientation. They want to do the right thing. They want to take advantage of whatever opportunities that enable them to do the right thing better than they are today. Good managers are going to see this as an opportunity to just improve their capability, make the program they work for more effective and improve the morale -the workplace environment.

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