Security at issue with e-passports

John Solomon, Center for Public Integrity

wfedstaff |

You’ve heard of the e-Passports; the new U.S. border security system that uses wireless transmitters and sophisticated computer chips to store biometric and other personal information within the passport. That way, customs officials and border guards are able to verify the identities of people who enter the U.S.. The key components for those e-Passports are made in Thailand. The Center for Public Integrity discovered that the agency in charge of producing those e-Passports has been warned repeatedly since 2006 that the Thai site poses a potential long-term risk to U.S. interests. The Government Printing Office tells ABC News and CPI that they’ve been shifting that work from Thailand to the U.S. over the past year and hope to have that completed by the end of this summer. John Solomon is with the Center for Public Integrity – a non-profit investigative journalism organization. He was on our sister station, WTOP Radio.