Many agencies miss classification compliance deadline

William Cira, acting director, ISOO

wfedstaff |

The Information Security Oversight Office is the federal government office with the authority to oversee the classification and safeguarding of information and the declassification of information that’s been classified.

William Cira is the acting director of ISOO.

The ISOO recently released its Annual Report to the President. In it, it discusses the status of Executive Order 13526, “Classified National Security Information.”

While progress has been made in the initial implementation of the EO, the report says ISOO is concerned “about delays in the issuance of agency regulations implementing the Order. Despite the preparation of agency drafts and the completion of our review last Fall, many agencies failed to issue their regulations in final form by December 2010 and many have yet to issue them as of the date of this letter.”

Cira discussed the report with Federal News Radio.


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