Antiquated systems slowing down IRS modernization, GAO says

David Powner, Director of Information Technology Issues, GAO

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The wheels of change have turned slowly for the IRS. Attempts to modernize antiquated systems have been made over the years — some successful, others not-so-much.

Last week Commissioner Doug Shulman addressed the National Press Club giving a snapshot of where the IRS stands today. He said the technology budget is under-funded.

The Government Accountability Office has been following IRS modernization for decades.

David Powner, GAO’s Director of Information Technology Issues, said the problem is not that IRS does not have enough funding for technology — the problem is the agency is still relying on antiquated systems.

“That is quite expensive and resource-intensive to maintain,” Powner said in an interview with The Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Emily Kopp.

“You could argue that they need money. You could also argue they need to shift the amount of money from old, antiquated system to new, modern systems,” he said.


IRS technology systems dramatically underfunded, commissioner says