TSP funds continue downward trend in May

Thrift Savings Plan figures, which stalled in April, appear to be continuing on a downward trend across the board, with eight of the 10 funds finishing in the red last month, according to monthly returns.

In May, L Income joined L 2020, L 2030, L 2040, L2050, C Fund, S Fund and I Fund in the red, with only the G Fund and the F Fund staying in the black.

Although those two funds did not fall into the red, they were down from the previous month, with the G Fund dropping from 0.15 percent in April to 0.14 percent in May and the F Fund going from 1.12 percent to 0.91 percent.

The I Fund fell the furthest, finishing April in the red at -1.87 percent and dropping to -11.40 percent by the end of May. This brought its year-to-date figure to -3.57 percent and its 12-month performance at -20.16 percent.

Despite the downward trend, all of the funds, except for the I Fund, have posted positive numbers in the year-to-date category, with the S Fund and the C Fund leading the pack with 5.78 percent and 5.23 percent, respectively.

Thrift Savings Plan May 2012 returns

Fund May Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G Fund 0.14% 0.68% 1.91%
F Fund 0.91% 2.36% 7.16%
C Fund (5.99%) 5.23% (0.32%)
S Fund (6.91%) 5.78% (6.88%)
I Fund (11.40%) (3,57%) (20.16%)
L Income (1.38%) 1.31% 0.86%
L 2020 (4.20%) 2.04% (2.57%)
L 2030 (5.23%) 2.37% (3.79%)
L 2040 (6.00%) 2.61% (4.82%)
L 2050 (6.85%) 2.67% (6.23%)

Percentages in ( ) are negative.


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