DHS warns of online scams ahead of the Olympic Games

The upcoming Olympics are expected to attract not just venders, tourists and athletes but cyber criminals and online scammers looking to take advantage of unsuspecting fans of the games.

The Department of Homeland Security warns travelers and fans to beware. Internet users should look out for Web deals that seem too good to be true. And officials say that links to discounted tickets to the games or offers of free merchandise, exclusive videos or even alleged breaking news could infect computers with viruses or programs called malware.

Hackers can place malicious links on search result pages for certain key words. Smart phones, tablets, and other wireless devices are also vulnerable to the viruses and financial scams.

Scammers also try to trick Internet users to give out their credit card numbers and personal information.

The department recommends that Internet users update and run antivirus software regularly and avoid clicking on suspicious links. Officials also say never to give out your personal information or provide a credit card online unless you trust the site.

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