Federal Drive interviews — Aug. 14

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Today’s guests:

Joseph Petrilloprocurement attorney, Petrillo and Powell

When United Technologies was caught selling software to China, it pleaded guilty to violating the Arms Export Control Act. Then the State Department barred the company from foreign arms sales. Now, the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Armed Service Committee are asking the Defense Department to debar the company from federal contracts. Is that legal?

Jason Wilsonanalyst, Bloomberg Government

If you want to see where cybersecurity spending is headed, one good place to look at is the Navy. It’s become one of the biggest cyber spenders. Bloomberg Government analyst Jason Wilson has been tracking cyber spending in the Navy and has some surprising findings.

Navy’s Cyber Spending Grows 58 Percent From 2007

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Lou Milionespecial agent and group supervisor, Drug Enforcement Administration.

Lou Milione, a special agent and group supervisor for the Drug Enforcement Administration, helped to capture a notorious arms trafficker known as the “Merchant of Death.” He and his team led the high-stakes undercover investigation that took down Viktor Bout, a man who supplied dictators, warlords and drug cartels. Milione’s team has earned a spot as a Service to America Medal finalist.

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