Federal Drive interviews – September 18

Kevin BrancatoDefense Analyst, Bloomberg Government

If sequestration becomes reality, the Office of Management and Budget says it will be bad news for everyone. But it will be worst for the Defense Department. OMB’s new report on sequestration predicts a 9.4 percent budget cut in defense discretionary spending.

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White House warns of ‘deeply destructive’ cuts in sequestration report

John Mahoneyemployment attorney, Tulley Rinckey law firm

We’re reaching that time again, when many federal employees start planning their next move. More and more federal workers are becoming eligible to retire and hope to cash-in on their government know-how with a new job. And regardless of who wins the presidential election. Others will decide they’ve had enough. But federal workers can’t just go out and get any old job. Mahoney joins us now in our Legal Loop with some tips on finessing that next move.

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Post-Employment ‘revolving Door’ laws (congressional Research Service)

John Palguta Vice President for Public Policy. Partnership for Public Service

Congress wants to hold agencies accountable for the way they treat the people they serve. The House passed the Government Customer Service Improvement Act last week and now it heads to the Senate. The bill, if passed, will require agencies to collect feedback and will establish a standard to measure performance. Palguta explains what this could mean for your agency.