Federal Drive Interviews — Jan. 9, 2013

Theresa Kern, a member of Women Construction Owners and Executives, discusses a new provision in the 2013 Defense Authorization Bill that helps women-owned, sma...

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Today’s guests:

Theresa Kern
president and owner
MA Steel Erectors

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A funny thing happens when there’s a cap on the size of the contract the government can award your company. Small businesses can’t do big things. Women-owned, small construction companies found themselves in that position. But now a provision in the 2013 Defense Authorization Bill removes the ceiling on the awards they can receive. Joining us with what that might mean for the industry is Theresa Kern, the president and owner of MA Steel Erectors and a member of Women Construction Owners and Executives.

Grant McLaughlin
vice president
Booz Allen Hamilton

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Yesterday, Pinterest became the 62nd social-media provider to sign a service agreement with the government. Some feds still don’t use email and most probably could not name all 62 of the social media tools. But a new report shines light on those agencies who are using social media to improve their work. Booz Allen Hamilton and the Partnership for Public Service have put those best practices into a new guide for the rest of us. Grant McLaughlin is a digital communications expert and vice president at Booz Allen.

Alex Bolton
Senior Staff Writer
The Hill newspaper

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President Barack Obama made several important nominations this week, including new secretaries of Defense and State, plus a new CIA director. And nominations for Treasury secretary and Social Security administrator are expected any day now. Alex Bolton, senior staff writer for The Hill newspaper, previews the upcoming confirmation season.

Cabinet Tracker – Who’s in and who’s out?

Matthew Zisman
aerospace analyst
Bloomberg Government

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2013 is looking a little brighter for contractors who support NASA’s mission. There are three new contracts worth more than $300 million. And, thanks to declining incumbency win rates, new bidders have a better chance at landing one of five existing contracts up for re-competition. Those are worth more than $700 million. Matt Zisman is an aerospace analyst for Bloomberg Government. He just released a study on these opportunities at NASA.

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