Federal Drive Interviews — March 6, 2013

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Today’s guests:

Stuart Bowen
Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction

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The final report is out from the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction. It concludes eight years of looking at waste, fraud and abuse on an epic scale. In all, the United States spent $60 billion on rebuilding Iraq. Stuart Bowen has led this oversight work since 2004. He told us some of the fundamental lessons learned in the whole effort.

John Salamone
vice president
Federal Management Partners

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Who smiles at a commute like the one this morning? People who work from home. It’s Telework Week. More than 130,000 people have pledged to participate. But while some organizations are pushing their staff to try telework, companies like Yahoo are saying ‘no way.’ John Salamone, vice president of Federal Management Partners, advises agencies on personnel issues and joins us to discuss when telework works and when it doesn’t for federal employees.

Jeremy Herb
staff wriiter
The Hill newspaper

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House Republicans have introduced a bill that would soften the sequestration blow but only for some agencies and departments. Jeremy Herb is a staff writer at The Hill Newspaper. He joins us now with a look at the bill.

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Dr. Patrick Gallagher
National Institute for Standards and Technology

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A new commission is tackling what some see as a critical flaw in the nation’s criminal justice system. DNA evidence, fingerprints and other forensic science can help catch criminals and set free the innocent — in theory, anyway. Leading researchers have called for a new agency to bring uniformity and standards to a badly fragmented system. This commission may do just that. It’s led by the Justice Department and the National Institute for Standards and Technology.


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