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Today’s Interviews:

Rear Adm. Gerd Glang
Director of Office of Coast Survey
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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The road maps of the seas are going away. Come next spring, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will stop printing nautical charts. Even though the agency will make electronic versions, the decision marks the end of a long, long era. Rear Admiral Gerd Glang is director of NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey.

Most mariners now use Print-on-Demand nautical charts that are up-to-date to the moment of printing. (Photo: NOAA)

Dave Lewan
Vice President of Public Sector and Sales Operations

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Medicare Chief Marilyn Tavenner is headed to Capitol Hill today to testify on HealthCare.gov. The website for the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges has been giving the administration endless headaches. With no end in sight to the technical glitches, the White House has granted a six-week delay in the penalty for folks who don’t have insurance. That means Americans can shop until March 31. Overlooked in the controversy is the fact that most Americans like most federal websites. That’s noted by ForeSee. It conducts the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Dave Lewan is vice president of Public Sector and Sales Operations.

Jill Loftus
Director of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office

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The rise in sexual assaults in the military has led leaders to direct all services to try harder to stem the problem. But how? Each branch is trying its own formula to get at the root of the problem, which, depending on whom you ask is a command culture, too much drinking at parties or a lack of accountability. Jill Loftus is director of the Department of the Navy’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office. She tells about how the Navy is fighting sexual assault.

John Palguta
Vice President for Policy
Partnership for Public Service

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We continue to tally the damage done by the 16-day government shutdown. One metric might not be available until the spring. That’s the number of new graduates applying for federal jobs. John Palguta is worried about that now. He’s vice president for policy at the Partnership for Public Service.

Erik Wasson
Staff Writer
The Hill Newspaper

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There’s another cliff in our future, and we actually might go over this one. Food stamp benefits will be cut Friday, Nov. 1. That’s when a provision in the 2009 economic stimulus law expires. The government spends $80 billion a year on SNAP, the official name for the food stamp program. It’s a giant chunk of the latest farm bill. The Hill Newspaper’s Erik Wasson has been tracking the issue.

Ed Zurndorfer

Registered Employee Benefit Consultant

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The shutdown has left some feds with a cloud of uncertainty looming over their heads when it comes to their finances. How do they recover from the 16 days without a paycheck? How do they possibly plan for another one? For some answers we turn to financial planner, Ed Zurndorfer. He says the first thing employees should do is find a way to replenish their savings.

Jason Miller
Executive Editor
Federal News Radio

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The Homeland Security Department plans to turn data into decision-making power. It’s launching the Management Cube early next year. Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller joins us live from the Executive Leadership Conference in Williamsburg, Va., where officials have released details.

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