Federal Drive Show Blog – February 3, 2014

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Today’s Interviews:

Stan Czerwinski
Director of Strategic Issues
Government Accountability Office

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The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act gave federal agencies hundreds of billions of dollars to spend, mostly on grants. The stimulus bill may not have produced much economic growth. But it did usher in some new and promising practices for tracking the money and keeping all the spending accountable.

The Government Accountability Office has taken a fresh look at the lessons learned. For highlights, Tom and Emily spoke to Stan Czerwinski, GAO’s director of strategic issues.

Jim Denley
Director for Policy and Strategy
Chief of Navy Chaplains

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For many members of the armed services, religion requires you to do certain things at certain times, or wear certain items that show your faith. Not surprisingly, this can clash with military procedures and codes of conduct.

Now the Pentagon has revised its policy on religious practices and clothing for service members. Jim Denley has more on the new policy. He’s the director for Policy and Strategy at the Chief of Navy Chaplains in the Pentagon.

Jacque Simon
Public Policy Director
American Federation of Government Employees

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President Barack Obama vows to sidestep Congress and take more executive actions to get things done. The largest federal employees union has suggestions for the President. Jacque Simon is public policy director for the American Federation of Government Employees. She tells what AFGE thinks should be the President’s next steps.

Jared Serbu
DoD Reporter
Federal News Radio

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The Homeland Security Department has been searching for a cost-effective way to tie together a vast array of IT systems so that mission users have access to vital information stored in DHS’ various components. Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu reports, after two recent pilots, DHS may have found a promising way forward.

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