DoD revamping reserve benefits system

The Defense Department is trying to make benefits administration simpler for reservists. Currently, service members in reserve ranks have more than 30 duty statuses to wade through to figure out what benefits they are entitled to. Often changes in orders lead to gaps in benefits. DoD has a new plan to simplify all of that, and expand benefits. Federal News Radio’s Scott Maucione shared the details.

At the Defense Department, the shadow of Robert S. McNamara lingers to this day. For example, when contractors enter data to be used by the Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation office, or CAPE, they do so by hand using tables dating to the 1960s. Those quickly fill up big three-ring binders. Imagine the cost data for something like, say, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Now a new system called FlexFile has the potential to wipe away that paperwork. Jamie Morin, director of the Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation office, explained more.