TSP returns climbing back from February drop

Returns for the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) trended upward across the board in March from a steep decline in February, according to the latest performance report issued Monday. But only the G, F and S funds were in the black.

The drop two months ago was blamed on volatile conditions in the stock market.

The fixed income index investment, or F fund, increased from -0.96 percent returns in February to 0.65 percent returns in March.

Returns for the small cap stock index investment, or S fund, rose from -3.79 percent in February to 0.69 percent last month, according to Monday’s report.

The F and S funds also had the largest gains month over month. Meanwhile the low-risk, Treasury-backed government securities investment, or G fund, continued to be the most stable, increasing from 0.21 percent returns in February to 0.24 percent returns in March.

Last month, returns for the common stock index investment, or C fund, also increased to -2.55 percent from -3.69 percent in February.

Thrift Savings Plan — March 2018 Returns
Fund March Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G fund 0.24% 0.66% 2.40%
F fund 0.65% -1.45% 1.37%
C fund -2.55% -0.77% 13.96%
S fund 0.69% 0.11% 13.18%
I fund -0.76% -1.08% 15.56%
L Income -0.08% 0.32% 4.72%
L 2020 -0.33% 0.14% 6.90%
L 2030 -0.78% -0.22% 9.75%
L 2040 -0.96% -0.39% 11.06%
L 2050 -1.11% -0.53% 12.26%

Gains for each of the TSP’s lifestyle funds hovered between 0.6 and 2.3 percentage points month over month. The highest growth among them was in the L 2050 Fund, which increased to -1.11 percent returns in March from -3.41 percent returns the month before.

Despite the individual fund growth last month, a sharp drop in February meant the number of funds with year-to-date returns in the red doubled from three to six in March.

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