TSP posts smaller, but still mostly positive, returns in June

Most Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) funds tapped the brakes in June, posting smaller but still mostly positive returns.

There were three exceptions, however. The the low-risk, Treasury-backed government securities investment G fund came in at 0.24, the same as last month. The G fund tends to remain steady, having dropped no lower than 0.17 percent and risen no higher than 0.24 in the last 16 months.

Meanwhile, the fixed income index investment F fund dropped back into the red, going from 0.73 percent in May to -0.1 percent in June. The F fund has been fluctuating between positive and negative returns for the last 16 months, never spending more than two consecutive months in either the red or the black.

Finally, the international stock index investment I fund came in at -1.20 percent, which, while still negative, is a 0.93 percent improvement since May. It was the only fund to improve in June.

Every lifestyle fund came in significantly lower than last month, though none quite dropped into the negative.  The L 2050 came in lowest at 0.12 percent, while the L Income came in highest at 0.19 percent.  Usually the reverse is true; the L 2050 has only come in lower than the L Income once in the past 16 months, in August 2017.

Thrift Savings Plan — June 2018 Returns
Fund June Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G fund 0.24% 1.37% 2.53%
F fund -0.10% -1.56% -0.27%
C fund 0.61% 2.63% 14.34%
S fund 0.86% 6.17% 16.85%
I fund -1.20% -2.44% 7.25%
L Income 0.19% 1.32% 4.39%
L 2020 0.17% 1.34% 6.07%
L 2030 0.14% 1.46% 8.59%
L 2040 0.13% 1.49% 9.71%
L 2050 0.12% 1.54% 10.76%

The common stock index investment C fund and the small capitalization stock index investment S fund followed the same pattern, posting much smaller but still positive returns compared to May.