TSP performance stays positive in July, returns show

If the latest performance report is any indication, things were looking up for Thrift Savings Plan investors in July. All funds reported positive gains and finished in the black, according to data from the TSP released Wednesday.

The fixed income index investment F fund came out of the red and improved by 0.14 percent, while the small capitalization stock index investment S fund grew by 0.78 percent month over month.

The common stock index investment C fund also gained 3.11 percentage points from June to July, but the largest improvement was in the international stock index investment I fund. Those returns had a 3.65 percent gain, from -1.2 percent in June to 2.45 percent in July, according to the monthly report.

The the low-risk, Treasury-backed government securities investment G fund was almost unchanged with only a 0.01-percent increase from June.

Among the TSP’s five lifestyle funds, the biggest gain month-over-month was in the L 2050 fund, which grew from 0.12 percent in June to 2.48 percent in July. The L Income fund had the smallest gain, reaching 0.79 percent compared to 0.19 percent the previous month.

But year-to-date, two funds showed a drop in performance: F fund performance was at -1.52 percent and I fund performance was at -0.04 percent YTD, according to the report. All other TSP funds were in the black for that length of time.

Thrift Savings Plan — July 2018 Returns
Fund July Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G fund 0.25% 1.62% 2.59%
F fund 0.04% -1.52% -0.66%
C fund 3.72% 6.45% 16.21%
S fund 1.64% 7.91% 17.46%
I fund 2.45% -0.04% 6.80%
L Income 0.79% 2.12% 4.59%
L 2020 1.12% 2.47% 6.24%
L 2030 1.91% 3.39% 9.11%
L 2040 2.21% 3.74% 10.34%
L 2050 2.48% 4.06% 11.47%


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