Most TSP funds see slight comeback in November

While October returns were not so desirable, November stats revealed slight upturns in most funds within the Thrift Savings Plan.The common stock index C fund made the largest comeback at just over 2 percent — up from -6.84 percent last month.

C fund returns may have climbed this month — by more than 8 percent — but they were more than one percent lower than November 2017 levels. Still, the fund continues to boast the highest year-to-date return rate of 5.08 percent. Coming in not-so-close second place for YTD was the low-risk, government securities investment G fund with 2.05 percent.

Despite YTD increases, G fund returns showed no changes from October, remaining at 0.26 percent. The fixed income investment F fund, however, rose back to the September 2018 level of 0.62 percent.

The small capitalization stock index S fund returned a significant increase of more than 11 percent, going from -10.06 percent to 1.92 percent. This return also showed the highest month-to-month change between October and November.

The international stock index I fund was the only negative return this month with -0.13 percent — still a significant increase from last month’s -7.94 percent.

Since the beginning of 2018, most index funds continued to see lower comparative returns — despite fluctuating positive and negative month-to-month levels.

The lifecycle funds showed a similar upturn, but with no negative returns. This was the opposite result in October.

The L 2050 fund showed the largest increase for the lifecycle funds with 1.22 percent, a more than 7.5 percent increase from the -6.35 percent October return. The L income fund returned the lowest with 0.53 percent, still nearly a 2 percent increase from last month. Year-to-date levels for all lifecycle funds were positive in November.

The L 2020, L 2030 and L 2040 returns were still notable, all increasing between 2 percent and 6.6 percent.

Of all TSP funds, including lifecycle, the I fund had the lowest YTD return of almost -10 percent. The only other fund to produce a negative YTD return in November was the F fund.

Thrift Savings Plan — November 2018 Returns
Fund November Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G fund 0.26% 2.65% 2.85%
F fund 0.62% -1.65% -1.18%
C fund 2.04% 5.08% 6.24%
S fund 1.92% 1.61% 2.08%
I fund -0.13% -9.04% -7.58%
L Income 0.53% 2.05% 2.48%
L 2020 0.65% 1.86% 2.45%
L 2030 0.99% 1.12% 1.94%
L 2040 1.12% 0.76% 1.68%
L 2050 1.22% 0.47% 1.48%

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