Most TSP fund returns up in April

After widespread drops in March, most Thrift Savings Plan funds increased last month, according to the latest returns from the TSP on Wednesday. Except the government securities investment G fund and the fixed income investment F fund, all others rose by anywhere from 0.37% to 4.72% month over month.

Regardless, all funds remained in the black — an improvement from March as well as from a year ago.

The largest month over month increase was small capitalization stock index S fund, which had an April return of 3.69% versus -1.03% in March. The smallest increase was the Lifecycle Income fund, which had a return of 0.89% compared to 0.52% in March.

The common stock index investment C fund rose by 2.10%  from March to April, finishing last month with a return 4.05%. Meanwhile the international stock index I fund ended last month with a return of 2.92%, a 2.21% increase over March.

April 2019, TSP, graph

As for the G and F funds, the former stayed nearly flat and dropped 0.02% for an April return of 0.21%. The F fund dropped by 1.91%, with an April return of 4.05% compared to 1.95% the previous month.

Year-to-date all funds are performing positively, and looking back over the last 12 months only I has shown a decrease in its returns.

Among the other lifecycle funds, L 2020, L 2030, L 2040 and L 2050 all rose from March to April. The greatest improvement was in L 2050, which increased by 1.80% for a return of 2.96%, according to Wednesday’s data. Historically these funds tend to follow the general trend of the TSP.

Thrift Savings Plan — April 2019 Returns
Fund April Year-to-Date Last 12 Months
G fund 0.21% 0.88% 2.90%
F fund 0.02% 2.97% 5.42%
C fund 4.05% 18.25% 13.48%
S fund 3.69% 20.27% 8.71%
I fund 2.92% 13.31% -2.78%
L Income 0.89% 4.10% 4.20%
L 2020 1.16% 5.46% 4.56%
L 2030 2.23% 10.36% 6.07%
L 2040 2.62% 12.27% 6.54%
L 2050 2.96% 13.93% 6.91%

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